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Shipping container history

Posted on:
May 26, 2023

A Quick Shipping Container History Guide

Shipping container history is a dense topic, but we’ll keep it simple with a few interesting facts!

The modern shipping container has only existed for            Dry Box

less than a century, so it’s incredibly impressive how

versatile shipping containers have become. 

To fully appreciate the shipping container as we know

it today, it’s important to know where the container

industry started. Check out these quick facts about

shipping container history that you may not know.

The First Container Ship

A North Carolina trucking entrepreneur named Malcolm McClean invented the shipping container in the 1950s.

Known as the Ideal X, the first container ship set sail on April 26th, 1956, taking five days to travel from the Port of Newark, New Jersey, to the Port of Houston, Texas.

The Ideal X was retired in 1964 after only eight years of cargo operation, but McClean’s design remains the inspiration behind current shipping containers.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

In 1961, the ISO established the standard size for shipping containers, creating cohesion between shipping companies and making shipping container transportation quick and efficient by ship, truck, and train.

The shipping container sizes available today operate on these same ISO guidelines.

The Shipping Industry Transformation

McClean’s shipping container introduced the world to a more reliable way to transport goods from place to place.

The shipping industry benefits of McClean’s invention were especially clear during wartime when troops on the front lines required supplies, equipment, and additional support.

The Modern Shipping Container Industry

The emergency support provided throughout the shipping  Dry Box

container history remains relevant in the shipping industry.

DRY BOX can modify shipping containers to be above

-ground shelters for natural disasters and portable

medical clinics during emergencies.

Fire trainers also allow firefighters to train for a potential crisis.

The More You Know

Shipping container history is a fascinating example of how a seemingly small invention can create massive changes that positively impact industries and people across the globe.

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