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Professional Delivery Service

Not only does DRY BOX have the finest containers, we also have the best delivery equipment available! When things get tight, we can deliver that 10, 15, or 20ft container on our tilt bed truck which needs half the delivery space of most traditional delivery trailers. And don't worry, our 40 delivery trailer is the most compact delivery system available today.

When you choose DRY BOX, you know you're getting the best storage container delivered with the right equipment designed to make your delivery a success!

Delivery Tips

  1. Ground should be solid, smooth, and level - preferably with gravel base
  2. 40ft containers require minimum of 120ft of straight clearance, 10ft wide, and 16ft high
  3. 20ft containers require minimum of 70ft of straight clearance, 10ft wide, and 16ft high
  4. If your deliver site has a great than 4% grade driveway, 'S' curve, horseshoe bends, or does not meet the minimum requirements discussed above, or maybe you just have some questions, then call us and one of our experts will discuss your delivery in further detail.
  5. Container Offices

Delivery To Your Worksite

Have your container delivered to the job-site! Whether you’re a small independent contractor or a full commercial crew, see the solutions we have for you!

Delivery To Your Home

Let us make that move easier for you and your family. Downsizing? No problem! Store your items safely with us.

Next Day Shipping

We’ll deliver your unit next day if needed. Ask us what the best options are!

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