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Storage On Your Terms, No Need to Conform.

Dry Box offers storage and shipping containers for residential properties. You can rent shipping containers for your home! We off a variety of on-site storage containers to help you reclaim your space. With an on-site storage container, you can say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with limited access hours at traditional storage facilities and enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing belongings are safe and secure, thanks to the durable construction and high-security locking doors that come standard on all storage containers.

Why Our Containers Beat the Competition

The true champion for affordable on-site storage, with the lowest chance of break in is the humble storage container. This unsung hero looks unassuming but is built like a tank. Not only is every home storage container dust proof, unlike other options with those fancy rollup doors, it’s also rodent-proof, and wind and water-tight, ensuring it will guard the things you care most about.

Don't Get Boxed In

Why you might regret choosing PODS

DryBox Vs PODS

Steel Vs. Plywood

Why you might think twice before choosing U-Box

Dry Box vs. U-Box
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Reasons To Upgrade Your Storage


Our portable storage containers are built for your convenience. When you choose on-site storage there's no need for you waste time and gas to drive across town multiple times or stress about making before they lock you out.

Vault-Like Security

You wouldn't let anyone have a key to your house, so why would you let just anyone have access to your lock? You wouldn't, and that's why our containers come standard with a high-security steel lock box that will make criminals think twice.

Bunker-Like Protection

These boxes were made for protection. Every container is made with durable 16g. steel, are weather-resistant, and the double-gasketed doors ensure what you care about stays dry and won't let any unwanted pests inside.

Easy Open Doors

Let's face it, not everyone can be Hercules, and getting access to your belongings shouldn't feel like a Herculean feat. Fortunately, our containers ship with a patented Easy-Open door, giving you quick and easy access to what's inside.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Because not every home or apartment is the same, having the option to select from multiple sizes is important. That’s why Dry Box offer three container sizes to choose from.

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