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Why DRY BOX Moving Container vs PODS.

DRY BOX Storage Containers offer many advantages Over PODS.  In a side by side comparison DRY BOX out performs PODS on numerous levels and the most obvious is the quality of the Storage Container. DRY BOX Storage containers are based on Internationally recognized ISO Container design, engineering and testing.  DRY BOX Storage Containers are built to higher standards, are more secure and are more weather resistant than PODS containers.

pods vs drybox

Which company is best at Moving and Storing containers?

Portable moving and storage allows you to pack your belongings in a container and ship it to wherever you’re moving, keep it on your property or store in a secure facility. Both DRY BOX Moving containers and PODS® give you the convenience of moving without having to drive a moving truck. When in storage yard or warehouse, you can access your container with both DRYBOX and PODS.

Find out which moving container is best for you by comparing the products for yourself.




Weather-Resistant Construction
Double-Gasketed Door System
High-Security Locking Mechanism
Rodent-Proof Construction
Tough Enough For Construction Projects
Easy Ground-Level Loading
Delivery To Your Location
Delivery Of More Than One Container At A Time
Cost Less Than Mini Storage
Better Customer Service Through Open Source Business Model
Store At Your Location, Or A Secure Facility
Family Owned Business
Willingness To Discuss The Limitations Of Our Service

PODS Box construction compared to DRY BOX
Moving and Storage Containers.

DRY BOX Moving and Storage containers are built from 16g rust resistant steel that is seal welded and tested to withstand the harshest duty encountered in construction, farm, transport by ocean and rail transportation. They are wind, water and rodent-proof.


PODS containers are made with a steel frame with an aluminum or Plastic skin panels. The top is a translucent material that allows ambient light to pass through.

DRY BOX’s containers are purpose-built to protect the most important and delicate items under the widest range of environmental conditions- where PODS falls short.

Comparing PODS and DRY BOX Storage container sizes.

Container Sizes.
Which is right for you?

Did you know a 20' DRY BOX provides 30% more storage space than 16' PODS?

beige drybox container

Comparing a 7′ PODS container to an 8′ DRY BOX:



Exterior dimensions:

7' x 7' x 8'

8' x 7' 3" x 7'5"

Interior dimensions:

6'6" x 6' x 7'6"

7'6" x 6'11" x 6'9"

Total cubic feet of storage space:

292.5 cu ft

351.3 cu ft

Empty container weight:

1870 lbs


  • An 8′ DRYBOX has 16% more space that a 7′ PODS.
  • Both containers can hold the contents from 1 room or 2 small rooms.
beige drybox container

Comparing a 12′ PODS
container to an 10′ DRYBOX

12' PODS


Exterior dimensions:

12' x 8' x 8'

9'10" x 8' x 8'6"

Interior dimensions:

11'6" x 7' x 7'6'

9'4" x 7'8" x 7'10"

Total cubic feet of storage space:

604 cu ft

564 cu ft

Empty container weight:

1,750 lbs

2,870 lbs


  • A 12′ PODS moving container has 7% more cubic space than a 10′ DRYBOX.
  • Both boxes would hold the contents from 2-3 rooms.
beige drybox container

Comparing a 16′ PODS
container to an 20′ DRYBOX

16' PODS


Exterior dimensions:

16' x 8' x 8'

20' x 8' x 8'6"

Interior dimensions:

15'6" x 7' x 7'6"

19'4" x 7'9" x 7'10"

Total cubic feet of storage space:

814 cu ft

1,172 cu ft

Empty container weight:

4,200 lbs

10,000 lbs


  • A DRYBOX has 30% more storage space than a 16′ PODS container.
  • A 20′ DRYBOX Container can usually fit the contents of a typically furnished 3-bedroom home without the appliances. It’s more likely that a 16′ PODS container would fit a 1 to 2-bedroom home.


Note: DRY BOX provides moving and storage service in our 6’ and 8’ container only. DRY BOX provides only limited loaded moves with its 10ft and 20ft Storage containers.

Comparing DRY BOX vs PODS delivery systems.

Both PODS and DRY BOX delivery systems are designed to move your loaded container level. However, their delivery systems are designed and built on completely different concepts.

Through the use of industry standard equipment, DRY BOX is able to offer superior customer service. We more efficiently respond to our customer’s needs by sourcing readily available lift, transportation equipment, and parts from the open market -along with our ability to create strategic partnerships with existing transportation companies, to manage high demand and market expansion.

PODS relies on patented transportation and lift equipment (PODZILLA) that is not readily available on the open market. By not using standard lift equipment, unplanned maintenance, and their minimal ability to partner with local transportation companies, PODS has limited their ability to service their customers during peak demand, and to offer their customers better service.


DRY BOX has created a business environment with options. Through an open source concept, we have a vast network of transportation partners that can ensure DRY BOX can meet or exceed your delivery expectations.



Interested in becoming a DRY BOX partner?Our Open concept allows the ability for DRY BOX to easily partner with transportation and storage companies using their existing assets. Contact us to see which opportunities are available in your area.


DRY BOX vs PODS Customer Service.

DRY BOX is a family owned business founded in 2007 by founder Kirk Vigre SR who established the DRY BOX customer service philosophy early on. DRY BOX customer service is built on the following principles.

1) Salesman’s #1 responsibility: The number one responsibility of a DRY BOX salesman is to meet the expectations they have set with the Customer. This includes the quality of the product and the timely delivery of service.

2) Cradle to grave concept. From the time you sign your rental agreement, to the delivery of your moving and storage container, your account is managed by the same sales person who took your order. DRY BOX understands that vital information, and the ability to meet customer’s expectations, is lost every time an account is handed off to another employee.

3) Salesman can delegate work but not responsibility. Our sales reps work closely with dispatch, yard workers, and drivers, but it is only the sales rep who fully understands the expectations they have set in the customer’s mind, therefore, it’s the sales rep’s responsibility to meet those expectations.

4) Customer Service open line of communication: DRY BOX INC expects its Sales reps to resolve Customer service issues directly with their customers, however if the sales rep fails to find a resolution then the customer can speak directly to his manager. In the event the Sales Manager has not resolved the issue the customer can speak directly to the owner and president of DRY BOX.

DRY BOX has fully committed to the resolution of all customer service issues.

PODS Customer service

PODS is a publicly traded company with a national sales center. Your account will be handed down at each step of the sales process. During a customer service issue, you will most likely not be able to reach a resolution with the salesman who made the initial promises and its unlikely he will have the authority to make concessions and the odds of speaking with the president of PODS is even less Likely.