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Why choose Dry Box over U-Haul’s U-Box?

Compare Dry Box's Portable Moving Containers to U-Haul's U-Box® Containers

How do U-Haul U-Box® Containers stack up against Dry Box's Portable Moving Containers?

Portable moving and storage containers provide you with maximum flexibility. You can quickly pack your belongings, move the container to a new location, keep it on your property, or take advantage of off-site storage at a secure storage facility.

Dry Box Moving Containers compared to U-Box
Dry Box U-Box
Easy ground-level loading
Easily stored on-site
Rodent-proof construction
Weather resistant container
High security lock box
To your door delivery
Multiple containers at once
Multiple container sizes
Water-tight doors
10ft Dry Box Moving Container

A 10-foot Dry Box moving container can hold the contents of 2 to 3 rooms. You will need 3 to 4 U-Boxes to get the same amount of storage.

20ft Dry Box Moving Container

A 20-foot Dry Box moving container can usually fit the contents of a typically furnished 3-bedroom home without the appliances. You will need 3 - 4 U-Boxes to get the same amount o

40ft Dry Box Moving Container

A 40-foot Dry Box moving container can usually fit the contents of a typically furnished 4-bedroom home without the appliances. You will need 4+ U-Boxes to get the same amount of storage.

Built for the job site, designed for your home.

A Dry Box moving container on the jobsite and in front of a home.

Every Dry Box container is built to withstand the demands of the job site but is designed to easily fit in at your home as well. The patented Easy Open door means you don’t need to be a power lifter to get into your container, and our unique steel lock box means your valuables will be safe no matter the location.

How do Dry Box's moving and storage containers compare to U-Box?

20ft moving container in a customers driveway.

Whether you’re moving or just wanting some extra storage, you want to be assured that your belongings will be safe and secure.

Dry Box containers are made from rust-resistant steel and are wind, water, and rodent proof. U-Box’s on the other hand are constructed from plywood and only have a weather-proof covering. Because of the plywood construction, it puts your belongings at risk, and the U-Box could easily break apart in transit.

How Dry Box does delivery different

20ft moving container being delivered in a customer's driveway.

Through the use of industry-standard equipment, Dry Box can provide superior customer service. By sourcing readily available lifts, transportation equipment, and parts from the open market, and partnering with existing transportation companies, we can more efficiently respond to customer needs, manage high demand, and expand our market.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

A customer reviews paperwork with a Dry Box driver.

At Dry Box, each salesperson’s primary responsibility is to meet customer expectations, including product quality and timely delivery.

Dry Box believes in the cradle-to-grave concept. This means that from the moment you sign the rental agreement, the same salesperson who took your order will manage your account through the delivery of your moving and storage container.

Additionally, Dry Box sales reps can delegate work but not responsibility. They work closely with dispatch, yard workers, and drivers, but only the sales rep fully understands the customer’s expectations. Therefore, the sales rep is responsible for meeting those expectations.

Finally, Dry Box expects its Sales reps to resolve Customer service issues directly with their customers, however if the sales rep fails to find a resolution, then the customer can speak directly to his manager. In the event the Sales Manager has not resolved the issue the customer can speak directly to the owner and president of Dry Box.

Company Facts

Several Dry Box delivery trucks in v-formation.

Dry Box is a family owned and operated, U.S.-based business, founded in 2007 by U.S. Navy veteran Kirk Vigre Sr.

Since then, Dry Box has become one of the largest suppliers of shipping containers, storage containers, Conex storage containers, cargo containers, and ground level offices in the Western United States.

Corporate Headquarters

Office: 360-262-1841 (Local)

Branch Manager, Kirk Vigre

Tacoma Container Yard

Branch Manager, Aaron Norlin

Portland Container Yard

Office: 503-946-9744

Branch Manager, Wayne Vigre

Denver Office Container Yard

Office: 303-505-0500

Branch Manager, Rick Jewert


Salt Lake City Container Yard

Branch Manager, Clarence Wright

Spokane Container Yard

Office: 509-606-2699

Branch Manager, Ryan Earle

Yakima Container Yard

Branch Manager, Dan Long