What to Know About Ghost Kitchens

Posted on:
Sep 15, 2022

With the rising popularity of food delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash, the bar has been set pretty high when it comes to fast food delivered quickly and cheaply. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly brought these apps to the forefront, but they continue to gain in popularity with users all over the country. According to Upserve, […]

shipping container turned into backyard bar

Shipping Containers as Portable Concession Stands

Posted on:
Aug 31, 2022

If you’re in the food and beverage business, or even just starting out, a portable concession stand is a low-cost, convenient and mobile way to operate your venture. Modified shipping containers offer durable food stands that feature climate-controlled environments, electricity and running water. Such portable concession stands and snack bars are not only fast but […]

shipping container turned into a workshop

How to Accessorize Your Onsite Shipping Container

Posted on:
Aug 15, 2022

When buying or renting an onsite shipping container, whether for a jobsite or tradeshow, you don’t want to just throw your items in a heap on the floor. You need some kind of accessories so your stuff stays organized and safe. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider optional accessories and modifications to make […]

denver colorado skyline

Announcing Our New Denver Location!

Posted on:
Jul 27, 2022

Now you have another location from which to purchase or rent your shipping containers! We are proud to announce we have opened a new Denver location. This is an exciting new venture for us because it expands our service area for our valued customers’ convenience. You can expect the same great service from Drybox as […]

burgundy blue green and orange shipping container

Steps to Buying a Shipping Container

Posted on:
Jul 15, 2022

There are many reasons why you would need a storage container or shipping container. Some people use them strictly for shipping or storing goods, while others have more creative uses in mind. These can include anything from tiny homes and retirement housing to schools and office spaces. If you are in the market for a […]

10 foot shipping container with man door office

8 Ways to Use a Shipping Container on a Job Site

Posted on:
Jul 14, 2022

About 90% of all goods are transported globally through the 170 million containers in circulation. However, containers are becoming much more than the metal boxes we use to ship goods. People are beginning to use them creatively for other purposes. Moreover, shipping containers are pretty durable. Under normal circumstances, the average lifespan of a shipping container is about […]

How Long Do Shipping Containers Last?

Posted on:
Jun 28, 2022

When in the market for a shipping container, no matter what the purpose, your first thought may be: how long do they last? It’s a great question to ask because it will give you a good idea of the scope of your investment. After all, they are an investment. Shipping containers give you a water-tight, […]

shipping container turned into a coffee shop

Types of Shipping Container Modifications for Your Business

Posted on:
Jun 21, 2022

Did you know millions of people worldwide live, work, shop, and eat inside shipping containers each day? It’s true! With about 14 million out-of-service shipping containers in the world, people have started getting creative. It turns out there’s a lot you can do with a giant steel box! Shipping containers remain one of the best […]

dry box shipping container

Why Are Shipping Containers Different Colors?

Posted on:
Jun 15, 2022

Do you wonder why shipping containers come in so many colors, and if those colors have any significance? Well, you’ll want to keep reading because the reasoning behind the colors is interesting. There are more than 827 million containers right now in global ports, and many of them are kept in good condition with the […]

40 ft ground level office

What Kind of Shipping Container Do I Need for My Business in Spokane?

Posted on:
Jun 03, 2022

Gone are the days when a shipping container was only used to move cargo from one place to another. While the shipping container remains the gold standard for Washington shipping companies, these practical, cost-effective, and durable containers can serve a variety of functions for any business. If you’re starting a Spokane shipping company or another […]


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