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Shipping container history

Posted on:
May 26, 2023

A Quick Shipping Container History Guide Shipping container history is a dense topic, but we’ll keep it simple with a few interesting facts! The modern shipping container has only existed for            less than a century, so it’s incredibly impressive how versatile shipping containers have become.  To fully appreciate the shipping […]

Shipping container hot tub

Posted on:
May 26, 2023

Shipping Container Hot Tub: Should You Invest? With summer nights right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to turn your backyard into a dreamy oasis and invest in a shipping container hot tub. Hot tubs are a luxurious and relaxing addition to any home, but have you ever considered turning a shipping container into […]


The Many Uses of 20-Foot Shipping Containers

Posted on:
Feb 25, 2023

A shipping container with no modifications is just a steel box. But when you add in a few simple modifications, such as windows, doors, shelving, insulation and climate control, you have yourself a workable solution to anything from office space to waiting rooms. The 20-foot container is the most popular size option, and for good […]

shipping container turned into a bedroom

A Guide to Shipping Container Lighting

Posted on:
Jan 27, 2023

Whether you have purchased a shipping container for storage or as a mobile office, you will need adequate levels of lighting on the inside and outside. How much and what kind of lighting you choose will depend on the intended purpose of the container. While your first thoughts for modification may be of shelving, climate […]

rent a container 2023 drybox

Reasons to Rent a Container in 2023

Posted on:
Jan 09, 2023

Storage containers provide a safe and secure place to store items that you don’t want cluttering up your home or office. They can also provide a convenient way to store items during a move or renovation, or even serve as a temporary workspace. In this article, we’ll discuss why renting a storage container in 2023 is […]


Top Ways to Protect Your Container in the PNW

Posted on:
Dec 28, 2022

If you have recently purchased a shipping container in the Pacific Northwest, whether Washington, Oregon or another nearby state, you’ll understandably want to ensure it stays protected from the elements. That’s why you should place a high priority on maintenance and TLC. Upon purchasing your shipping container, you should have it surveyed for existing damage […]

using drybox shipping container remodeling

Use a Shipping Container for Your Remodeling Project

Posted on:
Dec 15, 2022

Remodeling projects represent the figurative bridge between something now and something new. These endeavors see companies undertake massive operations that can be long, complex, and messy. Sometimes entire areas are uprooted and entire structures overhauled, resulting in a lot of work and a lot of confusion unless things are organized properly. Having the right tools […]

red 15 foot shipping container

Defining Hard Top and Soft Top Containers

Posted on:
Nov 28, 2022

You have a lot of choices when it comes to shipping containers. There are two main choices: hard top and soft top (which can include open top). Hard top containers are one of the most common options in the shipping industry for their versatility, durability and longevity.  These specialized versions of standard dry containers do […]

drybox remodeling project

Using a Drybox for Your Remodeling Project

Posted on:
Nov 23, 2022

Remodeling can be a fun and exciting experience as you envision a new future for you home. However, the process of planning ahead and deciding what you want can be overwhelming at the same time. This raises the possibility of certain aspects and preparations getting overlooked. In this article, we’ll cover some important considerations when […]


Why Banks Use Shipping Containers and Modular Construction

Posted on:
Oct 26, 2022

Banks are an integral part of our daily lives, whether you visit a bank location in person or you do your banking online. Many banks all around the country rely on modular construction or shipping containers as part of their business continuity plans. The Independent Banker says there are, on average, 42 locations per bank – meaning […]


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