Classrooms, Offices and Bathrooms: Shipping Container Industry Evolves Amid Coronavirus

From shrink-wrap coverings to prefab bathrooms to portable shipping containers: these all represent the new normal as the construction industry makes adjustments to adapt to safety protocols demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Builders are facing a lot of challenges lately, ranging from project cancellations to slowdowns in available supplies and labor. The health crisis also […]

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container For Your Restaurant

Starting up a restaurant is a risky endeavor, to be sure. In fact, 60 percent of new restaurants fail within the first year, with nearly 80 percent closing their doors before hitting their fifth anniversary. This often happens because owners spend way too much money on the cost of constructing and designing their building. Starting […]

Common shipping container sizes

Common Shipping Container Sizes and Dimensions

If you’re in need of a shipping container for transport or storage, know that there are a wealth of shipping container sizes to choose from. When discussing shipping containers, if someone says a 10-foot container, a 20-foot container, etc., they’re talking about the external length of the container. External heights vary a little, although most clock […]

How to Clean the Interior of a Shipping Container

After you have purchased a shipping container and before you use it, it’s wise to clean out the interior. Especially if it’s used, cleaning the container will remove dirt, debris and any contaminants or pollutants it may have come in contact with during transport. Even when sitting idle, you still need to perform at least […]

What are Reefer Containers and Why Do You Need Them?

You may have heard the term “reefer container” before. This is essentially short for “refrigerated container.” Essentially, they’re just large refrigerators designed to move temperature-controlled goods such as meat, produce, seafood, vegetables and dairy. They may also be used to transport non-food products that nonetheless need to be refrigerated, such as pharmaceuticals and flowers. Reefer […]

5 Benefits of Buying a New Shipping Container for Your Business

If you’re on the hunt for a shipping container for personal or business use, you may be torn between buying new or used, or even renting. They all have their advantages, but buying new is a wise decision under many circumstances. If you can afford the initial cash outlay and your usage demands a newer […]


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