Whether you’re a roofer, general contractor or plumber, you can benefit from the addition of one or more storage containers on your job site. Not only do such containers provide secure storage, they also provide weather- and critter-proof storage for all your equipment. You can’t afford your equipment to get wet or chewed on, and […]

Buy or Rent a Shipping Container: Which is Best?

The choice to buy or rent a shipping container is a personal one. This decision will depend heavily on your needs, budget, intended usage, and more. It can be tough making the choice, but we make it easy with the following tips. When You Should Buy 1.     Shipping Container Modifications When you buy your shipping […]

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The Best Ideas For Shipping Containers in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the largest metropolitan in Utah and has about 200,544 people within city limits. Whether you currently live here or are planning the move here, building homes and offices out of shipping containers is on the rise in the area. In this article, explore the various ways you can utilize shipping containers to build […]

4 Insider Tips to Know on Buying a Shipping Container

Buying a shipping container can be tricky if you aren’t aware of some insider tips and tricks. Doing your homework before making such a large purchase is imperative. We will let you in on some trade secrets to help aid in your decision. 1.  Going Bigger Could Cost You Less Huh? That’s doesn’t make sense. […]

How You Can Prepare for Storage Container Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

So you purchased a storage container, and now you’re prepping for delivery. Now what? What can you do to prepare to make the container delivery process quick and seamless? Here are some easy prep tips for you to follow. 1.    Select the Delivery Site There are three things you should consider when selecting your delivery […]

5 Shipping Container Floor Options for Durability

Modified shipping containers are durable structures ideal for all sorts of companies who wish to store industrial items, house field personnel or provide job site office space to workers. Shipping container floors play a big role when it comes to improving durability and boosting longevity of portable shipping containers. Depending on the intended use of […]


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