Storage Containers on Job Site

Posted on:
Apr 02, 2021

Whether you’re a roofer, general contractor or plumber, you can benefit from the addition of one or more storage containers on your job site. Not only do such containers provide secure storage, they also provide weather- and critter-proof storage for all your equipment. You can’t afford your equipment to get wet or chewed on, and you can’t afford for it to get stolen or damaged either.

Here’s how portable storage containers can help all kinds of contractors.


Whether you’re a residential or commercial roofer, or both, you need safe storage for your roofing equipment, tools, and materials, such as metal sheets, asphalt shingles and adhesives. No matter how much stuff you have, there is a portable storage unit out there for you, from 10 foot to 53 foot.

You can choose from containers that open on one end only, or on both ends for increased convenience. The container can be delivered directly to the work site, whether at a business or a residence, then picked up when the job is done. Store all your tools in these containers, such as:

  • Hammers
  • Straight blades
  • Snips
  • Nailers
  • Roofing shovels
  • Ladders
  • Utility knives
  • Chalk lines

Drywall Contractors

From putty knives and fasteners to tape measures and screw guns, you have a lot of tools to keep track of as a drywall contractor. A portable storage unit is the perfect place to keep them all straight. You don’t want those knives to get into the wrong hands!

It’s critical that drywall doesn’t get wet, which is why you need a waterproof container to hold your extra materials on any given job. You also don’t want the smooth drywall to get dented or damaged in any way, which is another good reason to store it in a container.

Sheet Metal Contractors

In order to safely and accurately cut, drill, and form parts, you need the latest in computer-controlled saws, lasers, shears, and presses. All that equipment is not cheap – and it can’t get stolen or damaged. Storage containers can keep these items as well as the sheets of metal themselves out of harm’s way.

In general, the best size for a sheet metal contractor is a 24-foot container, but you can really choose any size you want depending on how many materials and tools you bring to the job site.


Plumbers require all manner of equipment to do their jobs, such as snakes, pliers, wrenches, plungers, augers, screwdrivers, plumber’s tape, saws, cutters, files and torches. You need easy access to all those items at a moment’s notice, but you also don’t want to have to haul them around with you in your truck if you’re just going to be returning to the client’s home or office the next day.

A storage container is an ideal solution for plumbers and other contractors who need quick, easy storage of their equipment that they can lock up and leave with peace of mind.

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