Create a Conference Room Think Tank With a Shipping Container in Seattle

Posted on:
Oct 27, 2021

If you have plans to modify a shipping container in Seattle, you’ll be glad to know how many options are available to you when you buy from a trusted provider. Here at Drybox, we cater specifically to the Seattle market, giving you convenient access to our products and a knowledgeable support team.

Many of our customers choose to create conference room think tanks with their shipping containers. What are think tanks, anyway? These are essentially collaboration rooms that connect the relationship between design and technology, allowing participants to exercise their brain in a stress-free environment.

It’s this type of environment that is being increasingly utilized in today’s workplaces. It’s no secret that minds work better when the body is able to release tension. A collaborative work environment not only enhances creative thinking, it allows for quick idea generation, says Work Design Magazine.

There are so many large and innovative businesses in the Seattle area that have been made better with brainstorming, from Amazon and Starbucks to Nordstrom and Alaska Airlines. But even if you don’t work for a Fortune 500 company, you and your employees can still benefit from a conference room think tank. From startups to established businesses, here are some benefits of using a shipping container think tank.

modern shipping container with big window

Characteristics of Think Tanks

  • They allow for creativity by employing the use of bright spaces with plenty of natural light, clutter-free interiors, and a blend of both architectural and natural elements.
  • They often have lower ceilings that have been known to improve performance in detail-orientated tasks. Others, such as high-tops, have higher ceilings that are known to encourage abstract creative thought.
  • The right think tank environment can inspire moments of humor that spark the brain and foster creativity.
  • Thought-enhancing elements can be included, such as lighting, colors, games, and versatile surfaces.

A successful collaborative room like a think tank takes a thoughtful use of space, time, and dedication to make it work. Think tanks can be used in a plethora of ways. You can use it at a university for professors and students to spark ideas, solve problems, and enhance creativity in a collaborative environment that doesn’t place division between the two groups.

You can use think tanks at startups to bring employees and bosses of all levels together to learn through play, such as dartboards, puzzles, board games, basketball hoops, bean bags and foosball tables. These elements of a creative space are designed to ease tension and stress, while adding a childhood element and a bit of fun.

What You Need in a Think Tank

There are many pieces of a think tank that should be included to ensure it brings about the desired results. Those elements can include:

  1. Mobility: Furniture should be comfortable, unpretentious, flexible, safe, and secure. Wobbly, stuffy or hard furniture can be distracting and prevent the art of personalization. If you can integrate technology into the furniture, this is an innovative and space-saving tactic that’s essential in a small space such as a shipping container think tank.
  2. Visuals: Try to bring in nature and expand the space. This can be achieved through the use of windows, painted murals of natural scenes or projection screens. Avoid outdated harsh fluorescent lighting.
  3. Lighting: Speaking of lighting, the best lighting for think tanks is natural sunlight or full-spectrum fluorescents that illuminate detail and color, encourage productivity, and minimize fatigue. Don’t just focus on one type of lighting, though. In addition to overhead lighting, you will need plenty of ambient and task lighting.
  4. Surfaces: You’ll need both horizontal and vertical writing surfaces so everyone is better able to build on ideas and revisit any step of the brainstorming process as needed.
  5. Technology: You’ll need to stock your think tank with technology that drives innovation forward, from smart boards and laptops to video walls and touch screens.

In the end, a think tank should embrace the latest designs while helping team members stay focused, minimize creative blocks, adapt to various projects and conversations, and facilitate communication.

shipping container turned into an office

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