The Many Uses of 20-Foot Shipping Containers

Posted on:
Feb 25, 2023

A shipping container with no modifications is just a steel box. But when you add in a few simple modifications, such as windows, doors, shelving, insulation and climate control, you have yourself a workable solution to anything from office space to waiting rooms.

The 20-foot container is the most popular size option, and for good reason. It can accommodate a variety of uses and can provide ample storage for most needs. Check out a few unique uses of 20-foot shipping containers.

Comfortable Waiting Rooms

Whether you’re operating a clinic, vaccine distribution center, ticket box office or even a rideshare service, you may need to provide an extra space where customers can wait in comfort. Rather than have them wait outside, where it may be cold, hot or rainy, you can provide customers with a space to wait their turn in comfort.

You can outfit the container with comfortable seating, TVs, climate control and even a coffee and snack station to accommodate patients or customers.

Equipment Enclosures

When you have the need to safely store industrial, medical, and specialty equipment, from oxygen tanks to tubing to generators, you can house those items in a 20-foot container for protection and to simplify access to products.


Sometimes banks need to set up immediate branches to accommodate emergency situations or overflow. There are many features banks can include, such as drive-through teller windows, safes, security features, and more. When a branch outgrows itself, you can then just add containers or walls quickly in order to double or triple the space.

Temporary branches can be outfitted with:

  • Foundations to better support heavy floor loads
  • Specialized bullet-proof glass for drive-ups and teller stations
  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Private offices
  • Handicap access ramps and stairs
  • Restrooms
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Interior teller stations

Construction Site Offices

Operating a construction site can be a chaotic endeavor. You need a space to re-group, plan and delegate tasks. Many construction companies have historically used small travel trailers due to their portability. However, shipping container offices can offer the same portability and convenience yet with more durability and professionalism.

You can outfit this space with seating, desks, shelving, filing cabinets, lunch counters, and more where you can manage construction projects, conduct meetings, complete paperwork, and oversee work.

Training Centers

Fire, police and FBI departments can use shipping containers to conduct training of their personnel in a controlled environment. Such units can accommodate an observation room that oversees the training facility, complete with large picture windows framing a durable structure.

Supervisors can view the training sessions from a place of safety thanks to a nearly 360-degree view. These containers provide a space where supervisors can oversee training, provide feedback and create tactical plans so everyone stays safe on rescue missions.

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