Benefits of Shipping Container Hotels For the Tourism Industry

Posted on:
Nov 30, 2021

shipping container home

Travelers are starting to step outside their comfort zones and are opting for more unique places to stay on vacation. Rather than booking expensive traditional hotels, they are looking for something a big different, a bit more quirky and less expensive. Enter: the shipping container hotel.

You may not believe it, due to their size and traditional uses. But if you think you have to sacrifice comfort and convenience when switching to a shipping container hotel, you are mistaken!

These non-traditional options can be just as comfortable and convenient as a typical hotel. That’s why they’re gaining popularity all over the world, allowing travelers to choose from a wide range of styles to meet their budget and style needs. Travelers and lodgers are intrigued more and more from shipping container hotels, which are eco-conscious in their upcycling methods and creative designs. It’s amazing that a steel box structure can be transformed into a modern masterpiece!

Check out these five reasons why the tourism industry should shift toward shipping container hotels.

1.  They Are Environmentally Friendly

Shipping containers are being used to build hotels for their eco-friendly benefits. These units have a long and durable lifespan, and are reusable many times after they have served their initial purpose (home, medical center, coffee shop, etc.).

When you use shipping containers to build a hotel, you’re using fewer materials such as cement and bricks, which can be harmful (cement emits high numbers of CO2 into the environment). Yes, you will need some cement to form the foundation of your hotel, but these amounts pale in comparison to new construction.

tiny home gray shipping container

2.     They Cost Less to Construct

Reusing shipping containers is a more cost-effective option over purchasing the materials and hiring the contractors it would require to build a traditional hotel from scratch. With shipping containers costing between $2,000 and $4,000, it’s a no brainer that this is a much less expensive option – even when you factor in multiple units.

3.     They Are Strong

You may think traditional hotels are safer when bad weather hits, but consider this: shipping containers are actually made to withstand wind, rain, sleet and snow. Plus, they can carry heavy loads in any conditions. A shipping container hotel at a beachfront area is smart, for example, because their structural integrity can protect guests from hurricanes or other natural disasters.

Not only are shipping containers durable, they are safe and secure. Plus, they can be built anywhere land is available. They’re difficult to break into, especially when you add after-market locks and other accessories.

4.  They Will Draw More Guests

With more and more travelers looking to stay at unique places on their vacations, they are on the lookout for fun and quirky places to call home for a week or two. You can increase your bottom line when you draw customers to the novelty and ingenuity involved in shipping container hotels. This unique selling point can put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Shipping container hotels get a lot of attention on social media too. Your guests will share photos of their unique experience, increasing your exposure even more.

shipping container turned into a tiny home

5.     They’re Easy to Build

Off-site construction is a big advantage of shipping container hotels. The units can be cut beforehand, brought to the site, then assembled all at once. This means build time goes a lot faster as compared with creating a brick-and-mortar structure. Because hotels consist of multiple floors, it’s imperative that shipping containers be strong enough to stack on top of each other.

With shipping containers made into prefabricated structures off-site, the timeline for completion is much quicker than a traditional hotel. This advantage is the driving force between many businesses in the tourism industry opting for shipping container structures, thanks to all the customization possibilities. It’s now time to cater more to the traveler and what suits them best.

As you can see, there are many reasons to build your hotel with shipping containers. The end game is to connect with customers, and that can all be achieved with an innovative and unique vision.

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