5 Shipping Container Floor Options for Durability

Posted on:
Nov 30, 2020

Modified shipping containers are durable structures ideal for all sorts of companies who wish to store industrial items, house field personnel or provide job site office space to workers. Shipping container floors play a big role when it comes to improving durability and boosting longevity of portable shipping containers. Depending on the intended use of the container, some flooring options are better than others.

Consider these five common shipping container floor modification options as you design your container space.

1.  Original Plywood or Bamboo Flooring

Manufacturers typically infuse the plywood or bamboo flooring with insecticides in order to protect the floor as well as the contents of the containers. But no worries: there’s only a very small amount of these pesticides, harmful only to insects that hitch a ride. Plywood or bamboo flooring is ideal because of their availability and price. Bamboo, for instance, is kinder to the environment thanks to its biodegradability and its abundance. It also happens to be an excellent and fast growing renewable resource.

2.  Imitation Wood Vinyl Planks

The addition of imitation wood vinyl planks to your modified container will create a stylish, professional space. Many companies use this material in their actual offices or living spaces, so it stands to reason vinyl planks would be a great addition to a storage container. This results in a more comfortable, homey, durable space. You can choose from a wide variety of shades, but no matter which one you select, the planks are installed directly over the original flooring.

3.  Coin Vinyl

Coin vinyl flooring is water-resistant and is easily mopped and hosed-down for cleaning. You will want to choose this type of flooring if you are using your container structure as a bathroom, greenhouse, or office that gets frequent foot traffic. This surface is also ideal at protecting against oil, acid, dirt and more. Coin vinyl flooring will be rolled out directly over the original flooring.

4.  Aluminum or Steel Flooring

Aluminum or steel flooring is often used for industrial applications, available in steel plates with a smooth finish or tread steel featuring high traction. Both options are watertight, which means you can spray them with warm water and wipe them down with no adverse effects.

5.  Epoxy Coating

You can add epoxy coating to many of the above container floor options to add yet another protective seal. This creates a slip-resistant surface while adding an attractive, shiny finish to the top.

Deciding which storage container floor option best gels with your ideal structure is just one part of the modification process. You’ll also have to choose the right walls, doors, and window options when designing your custom container.

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