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Reasons You Need a Storage Container in Salt Lake City

Posted on:
Feb 14, 2023

It’s normal to accumulate too many random “things” over time, so if you find yourself struggling to deal with clutter at home or an over-crowded backroom on your business lot, a new storage option is worth considering.

Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space to accommodate pieces of furniture, heirlooms, inventory, and other valuable property in a single location. Because adding space to your home or office is easier said than done, you may have looked into self-storage options.

In doing so, you may have also been put off by the thought of paying high monthly rates to store important items at a different location, and you’re not alone.

You might want to look into storage containers in Salt Lake City if you want a practical solution for housing your property without relying on a self-storage facility.

Here are six reasons why a storage container is worth considering.

storage container salt lake city

1- Storage containers are durable.

Most of the time, storage containers are made using a material called “Corten steel,” which is an alloy that combines steel and other strong metals. The steel used to construct storage containers is thick and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without posing any risk to the contents inside. That means storage containers in Salt Lake City can hold up against the state’s climate as the seasons change.

Due to the way they’re constructed, storage containers are virtually waterproof, rodent-proof, and bug-proof. If you’re planning to store items of value in order to preserve and protect them, a storage container is the way to go.

2- Storage containers reduce clutter.

Whether you operate a business and you’re running low on inventory space or you’ve accumulated a lot of miscellaneous property in your home, clutter might be starting to get on your nerves. While downsizing is an option to consider, large family heirlooms, business supplies, or items you can’t part with won’t be any less in the way after your latest spring cleaning efforts.

Instead of dealing with cluttered spaces or getting rid of important items, you might want to consider housing everything in a storage container. They come in a variety of sizes, so no matter how much or how little space you need, you’ll find a storage option that accommodates your needs.

3- They’re cost-effective.

Storage containers in Salt Lake City tend to be more affordable than renting a self-storage unit, so if you’re trying to find a safe place to store your property without breaking the bank, a storage container might be the perfect solution.

As mentioned above, these units come in several sizes and they’re usually available for purchase. Buying a storage container will cost more upfront, but it will also eliminate the monthly costs you’d otherwise incur if you rent a self-storage unit.

Storage containers are also rentable, and when you choose this route, the unit is usually delivered to your home. You can then store everything you need in it and either keep it on your property or have it taken to a storage facility. This option saves money by eliminating the need to rent a truck, pay a moving company, or drive back and forth between your home and a self-storage facility.

4- They’re versatile.

In addition to being available in several sizes, storage containers are also versatile in that they can be modified. If you choose to have a storage container on your property, you can pick out a unit that doubles as a modular office, guest space, studio, or any other function you might need to fulfill.

For example, if you only need an 8’x10’ space to store all of your boxes and other belongings, you could opt for a 20’ storage container so that you can use half of the unit for storage and half of it as an office.

You won’t have to deal with constantly unlatching and opening heavy container doors, either, as storage containers can easily be fitted with standard doors and windows. Drybox units come in variations that aim to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and construction customers. Optional features include (but aren’t limited to) cold storage, air conditioning, shelving, roller doors, sliding doors, vents, skylights, insulation, added security measures (lockboxes, keypads, window bars, etc.), and more. The possibilities are limitless.

5- Storage containers are secure.

Self-storage units usually come fitted with a padlock, key lock, or another type of locking mechanism in order to prevent break-ins. However, not all self-storage facilities are very secure when looking at the measures in place. Lack of surveillance equipment, inadequate lighting, weak fencing around the perimeter, low-quality locks, and a chronically-absent property manager are all security issues you might come across with some facilities.

On the other hand, if you rent or buy storage containers in Salt Lake City, you usually have the option to either keep the unit on your property or have it placed in a secure location.

Additionally, due to the durability of storage containers, once they’re locked, they’re incredibly difficult to get into without a key or combination.

6- They can be moved with ease.

Finally, keeping your storage items in a container can simplify the process of moving everything if the need arises. With a self-storage unit, if you plan to take your property with you and move it to a closer facility, you’ll need to remove everything from one unit, pack it into a truck, transport it, and unload it into a new unit.

Storing your items in a container eliminates so much of the hassles that come with moving, as the entire unit can be transported from one location to another without having to unload what’s inside. No boxes, no truck rentals, and no need to close one storage account in order to open another.

If you’re tired of trying to cram items into your designated storage areas and a container sounds like an appropriate option for your needs, reach out to Drybox at your convenience. Request a quote, check out our locations, and have your questions answered by our team.

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