How You Can Prepare for Storage Container Delivery in 4 Easy Steps

Posted on:
Jan 05, 2021

So you purchased a storage container, and now you’re prepping for delivery. Now what? What can you do to prepare to make the container delivery process quick and seamless? Here are some easy prep tips for you to follow.

1.    Select the Delivery Site

There are three things you should consider when selecting your delivery site:

  1. Convenience
  2. Accessibility
  3. Foundation

First, you’ll have to make sure your delivery site is suitable for your needs, and convenient to access. Fact is, the site you choose for the drop-off point of your container will likely be its temporary or permanent location. Think about where the delivery truck can realistically deliver the unit. It should be both safe and easily accessible.

That means your delivery site should be 2x the length of your shipping container in a straight line.

Now, let’s talk about storage container weight. The 20ft container, for example, weighs approximately two tons, while a 40 footer weighs between 3.5 and 4.2 tons. This means you’ll need a firm and level foundation that will be able to support a five-ton storage container delivery truck as well as the unit once it’s dropped. Ideal surfaces include cement, pavement, gravel, hard grass and hard packed dirt.

Don’t place your storage container in low-lying areas that do not have adequate drainage, to avoid sinking.

2.    Prepare the Ground or Foundation

If your storage location has a flat, firm surface already, this will be an easy step. Just take some time to clear out any debris. Don’t have access to pavement, cement, hard grass or gravel? Use blocks of concrete or wood to support your storage container at each of the four corners. Alternatively, you can use a chassis to lift it up off the ground evenly while enhancing portability.

You’ll also need to clear a path for the delivery truck. Clear anything that may get in the way of the truck as it travels the pathway to the drop-off site. Remove or relocate any overhanging materials, such as trees and power lines, and make sure no drains, water lines or pipes are in the way.

3.     Decide Location of the Doors

Your container company will ask you beforehand whether you want the doors facing the cab or the truck’s rear. Give this a lot of thought, as it will determine the direction of your container when offloaded.

  • Doors to cab: This will slide off the truck with the doors landing on the ground last. Put another way, your storage container will face the direction of the truck as it drives away.
  • Doors to rear: The doors will land on the ground first, as they face away from the delivery truck.

4.    Coordinate Schedule

Your storage container company should call you before the scheduled delivery to firm up a timeline. The lead time from date of purchase to delivery is usually three to five days. Then, on the day of delivery, your driver should call you when they’re on the way so the process is seamless and efficient.

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