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20ft Used Flat Rack

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Flat racks are used in the shipping industry to convert large industrial machinery, pipe, logs, lumber, steel beams and heavy equipment into a stackable load Cubed load that can interlock with traditional Shipping containers on a vessel or barge. On the domestic Market DRY BOX provides 20ft flat racks to industrial storage yards for elevated storage or oversized pallet racking. 20ft Flat racks also work well as bridge to cross small creaks and ditches in place of traditional culverts that may disturb the stream channel and fish migration.

Flat racks are an engineered structure with tested and certified load ratings in both static and dynamic load conditions. Flat Racks have a certified rating for total deck rating as well as concentrated deck rating for the center 6ft span. In addition to having certified load ratings flat racks also have a common recertification process by a marine surveyor that can certify that the used flat rack is capable of caring its designed weight in both the static and dynamic state. Flat racks are 8ft wide and its common to place 2 side by side for vehicle traffic creating a 16ft wide bridge. Where vehicle width is not a concen as an example golf courses, foot bridges and in some agricultural applications Flat racks are place as a single unit 8ft wide. With ever increasing forestry regulations logger use flat racks to even cross dry creek beds to prevent rutting which could lead to fines and work stoppage.

-Available in IICL, Cargo worthy, and “AS IS” Condition;
-Marine surveys are avaible for CW and IICL only.
-flush folding and fixes uprights
-Uprights can be removed for additional charge
-a truck can deliver a pair of flat racks in one load.
-Delivery avaible anywhere in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah


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20ft Used Shipping Container : CW

Ideal, secure, dry storagefor all the files clottering your office.

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