5 Benefits of Buying a New Shipping Container for Your Business

Posted on:
May 30, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a shipping container for personal or business use, you may be torn between buying new or used, or even renting. They all have their advantages, but buying new is a wise decision under many circumstances. If you can afford the initial cash outlay and your usage demands a newer model, this may be the way to go for you. Check out these five benefits of buying a new shipping container.

1.  It’s Ready to Use

When you purchase them, new containers are in seaworthy condition. Translation: they have already been prepped to be loaded and transported with no need for any work, such as repairs, maintenance or cleaning.

2.  It Has a Lower Long-Term Cost

Buying a new shipping container will certainly cost you more than if you were to buy used – in the beginning. But over time, that investment will pay off. In other words, you only incur this cost one time, when you purchase it. If you decided to rent your container, for example, you would make monthly payments. Sure, they would be lower but that total cost would add up over time.

When you buy outright, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about making monthly payments and you don’t have to hassle with the cost of upgrades – something that’s inevitable with a used container. Simply purchase a new one in the first place and you will get everything you need up front.

A general rule of thumb is: if you foresee having to rent a container for more than 18 months, it’s probably smarter that you just buy it.

3.  It’s Got Options and Availability

With rental or used containers, you are often limited to the sizes available at any given time. Shipping containers for sale typically come in many sizes and with more options. Take reefer shipping containers, for instance. Built with food-grade materials, flat rack and open top containers, these are simpler to transport. Custom container sizes including mini containers and high cubes, and can accommodate different-sized properties.

4.  You Can Modify It

Buying a shipping container puts you in control when it comes to setting it up exactly the way you want it. You may choose modifications that improve security, or maybe that increase functionality or perhaps increase appeal and aesthetics. Whatever the case, you can customize the container in any way you want, as opposed to rentals where you can’t make any modifications.

5.  It Has Residual Value

If you were to opt for a rental, you don’t get the benefit of residual value. Once the rental agreement period ends, you have to bring back the unit and halt monthly payments, which then become a sunk cost that you can’t get back. It’s just like buying a home vs. renting. When you buy your own home, you are investing in it and building equity. With a rental, you’re basically paying the mortgage for your landlord, with no investment of your own.

When you buy a shipping container, you may sell it later at residual value. Fortunately, shipping containers keep up their value even a decade after you initially buy it. Some can last for 30 years or more with good care. Buying new isn’t just convenient for you, it’s also a smart investment opportunity.

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