What are Reefer Containers and Why Do You Need Them?

Posted on:
Jul 01, 2020

You may have heard the term “reefer container” before. This is essentially short for “refrigerated container.” Essentially, they’re just large refrigerators designed to move temperature-controlled goods such as meat, produce, seafood, vegetables and dairy. They may also be used to transport non-food products that nonetheless need to be refrigerated, such as pharmaceuticals and flowers.

Reefer containers have to maintain a consistent temperature due to the many miles and oceans they have to traverse before they reach their destination.

Also known as cold storage containers or refrigerated storage containers, reefers can maintain a wide spectrum of cargo at the required temperatures, lasting the entire duration of the trip. On top of that, they’re the perfect portable solution to short- or long-term storage, often used to ship or truck goods long distance. They are able to make these long trips with no problem because they have the ability to plug into ships’ power stations or be equipped with clip-on generators.

Transocean reefers, featuring secure lockable doors, are considered wind and water tight, which means they won’t take on water or moisture.

A Variety of Uses

Reefers can be utilized for other purposes than just ocean transport of goods. They can be utilized for the following events and industries and for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Seasonal festivals and fairs
  • Pharmaceutical storage
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Floral Industry
  • Vaccines
  • Commercial or Industrial Kitchen Remodels
  • Chemical Supply and Manufacturing
  • Medical/Biomedical
  • Produce Storage
  • Meat Processing
  • Seafood Wholesale
  • Agriculture Storage
  • Inventory Overflow Storage
  • Food and Beverage Distribution

4 Top Benefits of Reefer Containers

There are many benefits of refrigerated cold storage units. Reefers offer:

1.     Versatile Airflow

In order to keep up the specified temperature of frozen goods, air has to be able to flow around, upwards, under and alongside the goods. When you’re talking about simply chilled goods, not frozen, air flows around, under and into the inside of goods, in order to maintain a consistent temperature.

2.     Wide Temperature Ranges

Reefer containers are able to sustain a temperature range of -30 degrees F to 80 degrees F. That means one unit can keep goods warm or cold depending on the purpose. Even in the harshest of conditions, refrigerated units are able to maintain or lower the temperature of the shipment.

3.     Cost Efficiency

Thinking of buying? It will cost you for the initial investment, but over time, you will experience a cost savings and peace of mind knowing your goods are stored in a temperature-controlled environment, with no chance of spoiling. Products stay at the proper temperature and moisture levels, which extends their shelf lives and prevents spoilage.

4.     Portability

Reefers are extremely portable, ideal for moving temperature-dependent goods such as food or medicine no matter where it needs to go.

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