The Best Ideas For Shipping Containers in Salt Lake City

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Feb 04, 2021

Salt Lake City is the largest metropolitan in Utah and has about 200,544 people within city limits. Whether you currently live here or are planning the move here, building homes and offices out of shipping containers is on the rise in the area.

In this article, explore the various ways you can utilize shipping containers to build your dream home, business, or hang out. Read on to explore how you can have an affordable and stylish location in no time with shipping containers.

1. Tiny Homes


There are millions of shipping containers being used to create tiny homes. As the prices rise in Salt Lake, many are turning to building tiny homes out of shipping containers. Plus, you can have shipping containers delivered right to your location.

Did you know that you can build your tiny home out of one shipping container? Or, you can use several containers.

Why Tiny Homes?

Shipping container homes are affordable and you can build one for the right price. Also, it tends to be more reasonably priced than a traditional tiny home.


Shipping containers are built to be portable which means you can locate your home anywhere in Utah or the United States. You’ll need a flat-bed truck to move your shipping container home.


Since shipping containers are made out of corrugated steel, they’re durable. They’re built to withstand the high seas and winds of ships. This means your home will be more protected from natural disasters such as tornados in Salt Lake.

Tiny Home Communities

Consider building a neighborhood of tiny home shipping containers, and renting or selling them. This is a great way to build tiny homes for less, and rent them out for an extra profit.

2. Office for Remote Job


If you’re thinking of having a shipping container office, it’s on the rise for remote workers. Finding the right office space can be expensive, and the benefit of shipping container offices is that they’re inexpensive.


If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly, check out the shipping containers around the world that aren’t being used. You can upcycle them into your dream office in Salt Lake. They’re great when you’re looking for a smaller office too.


You can find affordable shipping container offices delivered right to your door. The large expense will be customizing the container to your preference.


You can customize your shipping container office to your liking with windows and doors. You can make separations with walls and rooms as well. It can come as a blank state so you can decorate it to your needs.

3. Backyard Hang Out/Lounge


Whether you’re looking to have a shipping container pool or a backyard hang out area, the options are endless. A shipping container pool is the perfect option since you don’t have to worry about work permissions, digging, or major work.

If you’re looking for your own space, it can be your his or her shed. You can decorate it how you want whether that’s plants, books, etc. After a day at Flaming Gorge or Bryce Canyon, you can relax in your he/she shipping container after a long day.

Potting Ideas

Keep your plants safe from the harsh Salt Lake winters and have them inside your shipping container. Place a window and put your indoor plants in front of it. You can mix up your shipping container too by having one side as a reading area, and the other side for your plants.

Chic Ideas

You can decorate your shipping container how you like whether that’s rustic, vintage, or shabby chic designs. Use neutral shades and pale colors for your shipping container’s interior. Consider having a cozy chair with a pillow surrounded by plants.

4. Art Gallery


Create your shipping container into an art gallery. Whether you paint views of Capitol Reef or downtown Salt Lake City, you can display your artwork.

First, have your shipping container delivered right to your door. Next, you can add windows and doors as necessary. You can paint the interior whatever color you like.

Build walls inside to create more places for your artwork to hang. Next, hang up your artwork! Then you can invite friends, family, and art enthusiasts over to check out your artwork in your upcycled stylish shipping container.

5. Storage


After a day trip to Park City Mountain enjoying skiing and snowboarding, you’ll need a place to hang your items. Use a shipping container in your backyard for all of your storage needs.

You can have a shipping container delivered, keep it in your backyard, and have your skiing items for easy access. Keep your goggles, coat, skiis, etc. You can even create walls to hang up your items in multiple locations in the shipping container.

Use them to store seasonal items that you don’t need to get to, or items that you do need to get to but don’t have the space in your home. For example, that can include extra kitchen items, children’s toys, etc.

This will save you money and convenience too since you won’t have to worry about storing your items in a storage facility. Since shipping containers are large, you can use half of it for storage, and the other half for an office, home, art gallery, etc.

6. Workshop/Art Studio


Instead of having to rent a workshop or art studio, you can create your own right in your yard. Order your shipping container and design it to your liking.

You can have wall partitions, ventilation, shelves, and workbenches for all of your workshop needs. Consider bold colors for your workspace to make it feel larger than it is.

You can also use multiple containers to make it as large as you need. Consider using floating cabinets to maximize the space.

Next, set up your art studio for an affordable and quiet location. You can create shelving to keep your different art items. Even when you paint using canvases you’ll have space.

Consider adding a sliding door to let in fresh air while you work. Have the sliding doors made out of glass to let in more light.

You’ll want to install roof vents to ensure that any dangerous fumes don’t sit within the container. Consider tile or hardwood flooring to decorate your art studio.

Musical Outlet

You can also turn your Salt Lake City shipping container into band practice. Keep the sound of your band outside of your home and instead use soundproof insulation.

7. Pop-Up Shop


Did you know that you can transfer a shipping container into a pop-up shop? You can sell different items from within the container at an affordable rate. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a shipping container, you have options.

Book Shop

You can consider creating a book shop out of your shipping container. Books take up very little room so it’s a great option to showcase your different books for sale.

You can build walls and shelving for your books to be displayed. Consider stacking storage containers for the ultimate mini book shop in Salt Lake.

8. Playgrounds


Turn your backyard into an oasis for children by converting shipping containers into playgrounds. From a space station to a pirate ship or cave, the sky’s the limit.

If you don’t have too much room, you can stack vertically. Plus since they’re made of steel you don’t have to worry about the kids ruining them.

9. Growing Space


Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies during the long Salt Lake winter months by having a greenhouse. You can convert your shipping container into a greenhouse or indoor farm. If you don’t have much room, you can stack shipping containers.

Farmers Market

You can set up your own farmer’s market within your shipping container. This is a great idea to have it indoors when the weather isn’t the best. The items that you grow inside you can sell for a profit.

10. Hair Salon


Avoid the expensive prices for renting a salon in Salt Lake, and instead, have your own space. Turn your shipping container into your own salon and you don’t have to worry about the downtown city prices for renting/owning your salon.

The Best Shipping Containers For Sale or Rent in Salt Lake City

Now that you’ve explored the best ideas for shipping containers in Salt Lake City, you should be ready to get your own shipping container delivered today! Are you ready to get your dream home, business, or hang out area created?

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