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DRY BOX INC. Completes Major Container Storage Project in Eugene Oregon

DRY BOX INC. Completes Major Container Storage Project in Eugene Oregon 

Phase two of Willow Creek Self Storage is now complete and Owner Rob Lawler couldn’t be happier

Willow Creek Self Storage is Class A storage facility located at 29905 Willow Creek Rd, Eugene Oregon. The site is fully fenced, lit, paved with asphalt and has an electronic keypad gate, but what makes this facility different is that it uses all 40ft cargo containers and 45ft high cube cargo containers. This unique concept gives Rob a competitive advantage of offering a very large storage space at a competitive price.  Containers have also allowed Rob to expand his business as needed added additional units as needed.


The project was completed in 2 phases with phase 1 completed in 2010 and comprising 76 containers and phase 2 completed in early 2012 with an additional 53 containers. Phase 2 was completed during the height of the 2011 container shortage.  Not only was DRY BOX Inc.  able to provide all the containers for phase 2 on time, they were also able to upgrade half of the container to 45ft high cube containers at no additional charge, which they greatly appreciated.

Although the project ended smoothly as a complete success, things did not get off to the best start. Rob experienced early difficulties finding a supplier of a large volume of quality high cube shipping containers. Rob had tried numerous suppliers from the Portland area and had purchase his initial 30 units from other suppliers and was greatly disappointed in the quality of the containers and the lack of understanding of how poor quality affected the success of Rob’s project.  The project required high quality units that are refurbished and in a condition that will last for years and years to come.

After further research Rob found DRY BOX Inc and Drove to Chehalis to meet Kirk, tour the dry box modification shop and look at containers for sale. Rob was very impressed with the entire organization and placed an order that day for the remaining  40′ high cube containers required to complete phase one of his project.  Soon after 40HC storage containers where arriving daily on DRY BOX’s own trucks at Willow Creek Self Storage in Eugene OR.  Rob was very impressed with the quality of the containers, and stated that the life expectancy of his facility was increased drastically and the required maintenance reduced to a fraction of that of the original 30 containers, not to mention the reduced liability.

DRY BOX Inc. offers competitive pricing and great customer service for shipping containers, storage containers and portable storage throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Integrity, professionalism and trust is why he wrote the check for the first 46 containers on his first visit,  but it was quality that made the entire project a success, and will continue to make robs project a success for many many more years to come.

DRY BOX Inc. looks forward to servicing the self storage industry for years to come and we are thrilled that our products are a great fit in the self storage industry.  For more information, Contact Us today.



Author:  Kirk Virge – DryBox USA

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